2018 VS 2019

What have I learned in 2018

  1. It’s ok to be single. Friends are better than a struggling relationship.
  2. You should research therapist and doctors. It’s ok to switch to seek the doctor that works and listens to you. Second opinions are also ok. (Doctors are human, and they do make mistakes. There are issues with similar symptoms.)
  3. Good deeds go a long way. They can be as simple as give money or complicated as giving your time to help someone living situation.
  4. Celebrities have the same issues as an “average Joe.” They have depression, anxiety, panic attacks. They get nervous and can worry about roles.  They have diet issues and can get sick. They even have problem with sleep and some even go to therapy.
  5. Life is short, be Happy! I have learned that happiness is up to you. It is that simple.  (Pursue things that make you happy.)


What I want to do in 2019

  1. I want to finish several of my writing projects. (I will have my writing goals on my blog http://rebekahquinne.wordpress.com/ )
  2. I want to make more friends. (I guess I need to socialize a bit more.)
  3. I want to help others. (So many has helped me this year, I want to give back.)
  4. Make my body healthier (Yes, I know lower soda, walk, and sleep more.)
  5. I want to get a better place to live, more space. (Hopefully with a cat or two.)

It is so simple

Find the things that bring enjoyment and happiness. . .

  • Seek those happy activities.
  • Try to do one thing each day that makes you happy, even if it’s just 5 minutes with a cup of coffee
  • I’ve listed my happiness activities, things and events
  • Focus on things that bring you joy
  • Focus on getting rid of things that don’t make you happy

Yes, it really is that simple.

Why do I make it so complicated?

Thank you for likes

I was worried that I wasn’t being read.

Still I kept posting, because I need the release. I’ve been tired and kind of discouraged.

I’m glad there are those who read and liked my blogs.

Please enjoy the past pieces and the future one.

Yesterday was my best so far on WordPress with this page.

Thank you to my fellow readers.

Day 14: People in your life

Day 14: Is there someone in your life who makes you feel good about yourself? If so, who and why?


My family tries, but I have not found any one made me feel good about myself. I feel bad, because I either ignore (one side as i do not feel they can handle my emotional side) or snap at them.

When I get compliments on my writings, I feel good. it’s a few second ego boost and done. Sigh. (I’m very grateful for all positive compliment and encouragement for my writing.it means the world to me. I feel good to know I have people who reads.)

However I think I’m more antisocial than I have ever been.(It feels the few people that I trust, not related to me, are too busy with their own lives or have just taken men out of their lives because I guess I’m just too much.)

I feel like a failure between, my anger (people stupidity), my mood swing, and my health issues keep me from friendships and relationships. (It can also be that I was hurt so bad but someone I trusted, I’m afraid I’ll get hurt again.)

I have noticed that there have been people in my life for a spec or moment . . .they serve their purpose and disappear. I’m grateful for those moments, but I would like a friend or submissive boyfriend for a permanent selection of time.

I’ve also learned people are not here to make me happy. If they do that is just the (super light yummy whipped) icing on the cake. If not, I can eat my plain moist cake on my own.

Day 8: Food

Day 8: What is a food you enjoy that makes you feel good?


I’m not sure if they meant healthy food or guilty pleasure.

Top ten favorite food.

1. Lasagna or pizza (any pasta fits here.)

2. Snap pea with ranch dip, (I’m weird but they are my potato chips)

3. Coffee with flavor creamers (caramel)

4. Ice cream (favorite rocky road with marshmallow swirl)

5. Sushi

6. Soft tacos (I prefer homemade and I make quesadillas)

7. Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes

8. Very gooy mac and cheese with bacon

9. A juicy loaded burger with fried potatoes

10. most things chocolate

Day 2: 5 things that make me smile

Day 2 of October Postive Challenge


5 Things That make me smile or happy

1. Writing for hours straight

2. Compliments about my writing

3. Getting paid for my writing, (see a pattern here)

4. Cooking or baking awesome food

5. Having and playing with cats


Growing up, my sibling and I were raised that our pets, were not just animals but they were a part of the family. They were family members. We always had at least a cat or dog. . . Sometimes we have rabbits or hamsters too. However most cats and dome dogs were furry babies, I can depend on to talk ur snuggle. The animals do listen and communicate back.

I was snuggling with a cat at age of 6 months, my parents have pictures if me in my baby photo album cuddling with my first cat, Spooky, she was a black Siamese. She got wild: she would hiss and scratch, and they took her to a farm. (My grandpa actually did, the same farm, he got his watermelons, he sold at his fruit stand.)

My first dog was a corgi named hopeless. She died when she got hit by a car . . . I was 7, my parents took it hard.

Mama was my second cat a miniature torishell, she had Orange, an orange tiger, who can open doors. She also had Joey (a grey tiger) and Roshell (torishell) who cuddled with each other.

Our second dog was a Keeshond, Bear, a grey fuzzy winter dog, hair everywhere. . . Who knocked down the Christmas tree the first day home as a puppy. It was sad to see him go. We had him 15 years, easy.

My dad go more corgis, were had four in the last ten years. One of the claimed my youngest brother. Ten years later, he had to put her down. It was hard, but it made him tough.

I had one of my favorite Mona a miniature caico, who loved my brother’s cat Dirty Dog, an orange tiger. (My brother has claimed all orange cats.) He was originally Sir Doughnut after eating an entire doughnut bigger than he was after eating weed when he was a kitten. Dirty would talk to me and would argue with Mona. my mom would feed Dirty, but he would burping my brother’s face.

I loved the other cats I had Sybelle who thought she was better than all, and Armand who was brother to Mona. Armand ran away.

I had MoMo for almost a year, but she by herself had anxiety whenever I would leave to do errands. So I sent her to a family that had other cats, because she needed to know that she was not alone.

My current cat that I miss is elmo. I helped heal him with an eye infection.

I am currently in a living situation in which I cannot have a cat. They help my anxiety, and I can cuddle with them.

We have a stray, I also call Mama. We got someone to take her kittens, but they said she was too wild, but I’m not supposed to feed her. It kills me.

I don’t want kids. https://beckyms1213blog.wordpress.com/2018/09/11/anti-kid-zone/

However I do want a few fur babies. I hope to find a guy who love cats and some dogs like I do. Someone who will help take care of them and let them sleep with us in bed.

I hope to get out of my live-in situation soon, so I can have my cats again.
They help me with my anxiety and depression. They are not just my fur babies, but my friends. They are the third thing that makes me happy. . . (1. Writing, 2. Good food, 3. Cats)