This kills me because I pride myself on my honesty . . .but sometimes I lie about my feelings with the outside world. I will smile and laugh or be robotic when I’m sad and miserable inside. 

However I am sad, and hurt and mad and upset and I feel like I am stuck in a dark, cold very lonely hole. I feel like this hole is only getting deeper. 

I’m so sad. I’m going to bed. 


A poem: Impatience



Rebekah Quinn © 2016


I never

Felt in

Such away

Like I

Do now.

I think

Of you

All of

The time:

In the

Early morning

And late

In the

Deep night.

I wish

We were

Together now

As I

Want to

Kiss you

Hold you

Hug you

And never

Let you

Ever go.

I pray

To the

Many gods

And fates . . .

I wish

On many

Shiny pennies

And stars

For us

To be

Closer, together.

But why

Such a

Long wait?

Why must

We go

Through this?

I know

A time

Will come

And we

Will be

Together soon.

But when?



I want passionate, love, and hope

I want to blush, giggle, and be swept off of my feet.

I want to feel safe, secure, and at home with him

I want more than just sex, money, or lust.

I want adventure, spontaneously fun, and hope.

I want commitment, excitement, and honesty.

I want intimacy, affection, and encouragement.

To me this is romance. . .

Poem: I Ache

I Ache

I ponder
Many thoughts
I hope
I wish
That you
Are real.
I desire
True love
I want
More hope
I need
Solid proof
That you
Are you
I want
To hold
Tight always
Please be
Truly real
I ache
To know
If you
Are real.
Are you
Really you?

© 2016 Rebekah Quinne

A poem

I have not written poetry in a while. Maybe I will start again. . .

This for someone very special.

My Written Angel. . .

He walks within

The typed

With the sweetest words

Just for us

To see. . .

Even in pain

He is there for me



Do I deserve. . .

A gentle soul?

He is hidden

Within the words


© 2016 Rebekah Quinne