Y to Z of my expression. 

If you see these words in my writings. . . these are what the words mean to me. 

Yay! I’m happy and/or excited. I’m looking forward to something. 

Good. I’m semi-happy, content. I’m usually out of writing mode. 

OK/fine. My go-to answer.  I’m not so bad, but nothing new or exciting. 

Meh. I can take it or leave. Nothing new. Semi-bored. 

Blah. I’m very bored or semi-sad. Please take me out. Please excite iron inspire me. 

Eh. I’m sad or not feeling good. Please cuddle, chocolate, soup or all three. 

ZZZ. I’m so depressed I’m not getting out of bed, “Good away!” I’m extremely tired. 


Break down

I don’t know what to do.

I do not feel like I am being heard unless I do something wrong.

I know I slept in. I forgot to set my alarm.

I didn’t feed the dog on time. I am a bad person.

I’m ungrateful.

I feel so alone. No one gets me.

I feel like I am getting punished for getting into politics.

I am guilty.

I am lazy.

I feel helpless.

I feel worthless.

I am empty.

I write too much.

I am always wrong.

What is wrong with me?

Who cares.

Politics Part 2: In the Hole

Part 2

Where the BEEP is all of the money going?

The USA debt is 19.5 trillion. . . and yet certain candidates want to give away healthcare and education.

I think if we just gave everything away, no one who understand how to earn it.

Why would we give education away when they are trying to standardize the education system? I mean some kids are smarter, and some need more help . . . do not dumb down education so everyone feels identical. We are all different . . . we all learn differently. We are NOT clones.  STOP giving money for standardize tests that majority of teachers are teaching too so that school gets money.  I also think charter schools are a good idea. They keep public schools on their toes.
I think college should be earned as well. We should not be giving it out for free; beside there are countless grants and scholarships these days. There are also websites like fundme where you can ask money for education.
If the kids were taught right we would be able to spend and save correctly; maybe our kids would figure how to budget and fix our debt.

We also keep taking from Social Security. We have enough originally in there that we would have not had to worry about retiring, but the dumb president keep borrowing against it. It had its own piggy bank; it was saved for those who were disabled and retired.


I hope the next generation with be able to re-budget the debt in which it will be less than 19.5 trillion and have a bigger and booming economy than we do now.

Politics part 1.

I don’t normally post political stuff. However this election I think is defiantly going to make the history book.

With the election in just 10 days away, it is the current talk and thoughts of most people.


Trump or Clinton?

I’m not telling you who to vote for. That is not my job . . . besides I am still looking at issues myself.

I will suggest looking up the issues so you know what they are talking about . . . and I don’t mean missing e-mails, lies, or who used what illegal people for building their buildings. I mean things like raising taxes, Social Security, health care, international affairs, military, education, and the issues go on. . . Issues that can change your life. . . .

They need to stop the mud slinging and tell the people their plan and how they are going to execute it!

First, I think, they show all of their political sponsors . . . wear it on their suits like racecar drivers. And if they don’t it show the sponsors, then that money goes toward the government debt. (Robin William had this idea first, I loved it when I heard it the first time.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOE5ztEHFeY  )

Secondly, they should just tell us exactly what they are planning to do. (Do NOT lie or give me fake promises. I am not a naïve drunken girl on prom night.) Our forefathers told the people everything straight forward, and yet now we have all of this political jargon. People don’t want to vote because there is so much bull shit. . . just say it how it is.

Thirdly, I think the president should be on camera at all times. I think the idea of big brother should also have eyes on the politicians as well. They should play it live like a reality show. I think the leaders of our country should be open to about everything. I also think candidates should have that . . . keep it honest. You are leaders and people we are supposed to count on to run our country.

There is a website that breaks down the issues. There is even a quiz: so check it out, and see who you agree it with. http://2016election.procon.org/2016-election-quiz.php

November 8th:  go vote! You will be a part of history.