Confession #4

I think I am currently in love with someone who is 2000 miles away.
I do not know if we will every meet and it sucks.
I have tried to talk to other guys, but none of them have the connection we do.
My family is not to keen on him, because he hasn’t been completely honest. I hope he has learned his lesson after pissing me off. I really do not want a catfish.
HOWEVER I keep getting drawn to him.  I don’t see celebrities in my daydreams anymore . . . just me and him. I see us together cooking, cleaning, cuddling and watching movies. . . that is all I am saying on here.

Maybe spiritual I’m supposed to do something. I feel this connection is beyond our controls. The fates see the bigger picture. . . something keeps pulling me to him.

My problem is I am growing very impatient with the distance between us. I hate the distance.

He isn’t physically want I want in my unicorn. He is sweet and I am drawn to him. . . I’m confused. Why? (Why are the fates drawing me to someone 2,000 miles away?)

TV Couples

You watch these couples on TV like Cory and Topanga (Boy Meets World), Kevin and Winnie (The Wonder Years), Lily and Marshal (How I Met Your Mother) and Dharma and Greg (Dharma and Greg) and makes you wonder if there are couples actually out there like that. . .

I would love guy who is devoted and excited about life as Cory, as straight-forward and determined as Kevin, as passionate and goofy as Marshal, and as open and nonjudgmental as Greg. I think I found him. I think this guy I am chatting with is all that.

Maybe TV just makes guys look good. Maybe I am asking for too much, and if I got this am I good enough to receive it?