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Things that Happened in 2016

2016 was a very challenging year. I felt really stuck and trapped this year, so I really didn’t feel I accomplished that much. I mean I didn’t even finish a book: writing or reading. However I have learned a lot about myself.

My writing accomplishments link here. . .

Things I accomplished in 2016

  1. I am working more on a day schedule. Eh, I know, but maybe I can figure out where to get more writing and editing in.
  2. I have gone to the doctor myself.
  3. I have gone to therapy by myself.
  4. I feel I have more energy.

Things I have learned in 2016

  1. I loved flavored coffee. (Mocha, coconut, caramel vanilla, and Chocolate raspberry are my favorite.)
  2. My cat will look all over the house when I am gone.
  3. I miss my cat very much.
  4. Therapy really works as long as you are open and honest with the therapist and yourself.
  5. I like cats sometimes better than people.
  6. I would be a good vet assistant or care-giver.
  7. I have less anxiety when I am busy.
  8. I live and deal better when I am on my own.
  9. I can do chores better when I am by myself (at my own time and doing it my own way.)
  10. I’m sorry, but I am not a baby or kid person. (I rather have a fur-baby that purrs.)
  11. I have learned I hate to be controlled or told what to do. I do NOT deal with authority well.
  12. Distance is just a number when love is involved. (still makes me sad my “wolfie” is not here.)
  13. I secretly like to fold towels and peel potatoes.
  14. I do not like being treated like a 15 year old who needs a babysitter.
  15. Not driving really limits me. (But I am terrified of getting in an accident again.)

Politics part 1.

I don’t normally post political stuff. However this election I think is defiantly going to make the history book.

With the election in just 10 days away, it is the current talk and thoughts of most people.


Trump or Clinton?

I’m not telling you who to vote for. That is not my job . . . besides I am still looking at issues myself.

I will suggest looking up the issues so you know what they are talking about . . . and I don’t mean missing e-mails, lies, or who used what illegal people for building their buildings. I mean things like raising taxes, Social Security, health care, international affairs, military, education, and the issues go on. . . Issues that can change your life. . . .

They need to stop the mud slinging and tell the people their plan and how they are going to execute it!

First, I think, they show all of their political sponsors . . . wear it on their suits like racecar drivers. And if they don’t it show the sponsors, then that money goes toward the government debt. (Robin William had this idea first, I loved it when I heard it the first time.  )

Secondly, they should just tell us exactly what they are planning to do. (Do NOT lie or give me fake promises. I am not a naïve drunken girl on prom night.) Our forefathers told the people everything straight forward, and yet now we have all of this political jargon. People don’t want to vote because there is so much bull shit. . . just say it how it is.

Thirdly, I think the president should be on camera at all times. I think the idea of big brother should also have eyes on the politicians as well. They should play it live like a reality show. I think the leaders of our country should be open to about everything. I also think candidates should have that . . . keep it honest. You are leaders and people we are supposed to count on to run our country.

There is a website that breaks down the issues. There is even a quiz: so check it out, and see who you agree it with.

November 8th:  go vote! You will be a part of history.

Confession #11 and #12

#11 I have both anxiety and depression . . . I feel like there is a constant war inside my head.

  1. Some days I really have to push myself just to do things.
  2. I feel like I just can get out of the hole.
  3. I wish I can tell myself and believe it that things will get better.


I have written what is like with depression and anxiety. . .


#12 I feel both my depression and anxiety keeps me from living my life. 

  1. I’m afraid to do things like drive or even date.
  2. There are some day I have to push myself to get out of bed.
  3. I struggled day to day with things I love to do like writing.


I hope to see a therapist soon, I am going to the doctor to talk about it this week.

Soapbox. . .

Woman yell at man over foodstamps

Okay, I posted a link, and I just have to give my two cents. . . I watched this video  and I appalled at some people these days. . . It’s people like this woman who just wants to belittle someone trying to feed their kid that truly makes me anti-social.

You don’t know his situation, maybe he has mental issues, maybe he has muscle issues or his child cannot handle things correctly and  he needs the government’s help. I think she was wrong to instantly judge.

You would look at me and not see anything wrong. I have anemia (body doesn’t make enough blood), I have depression and anxiety and spleen and female issues. . . all of those you cannot physically see.
What you would see that I am constantly tired, dizzy, and a bit whiny. There are times I am have extreme headaches, cramps, and side pain from these issues, but errands and chores still have to be done. There are days I just was to lay in bed, chat on my computer, eat chocolate and hope not to cry, but again I HAVE to get out of bed and things NEED to be done.
I currently have two doctors who do not want me to work. I can easily get overwhelmed and my anxiety goes into harsh panic attacks. They are so bad at times: they will wake me up in my sleep with night terrors. I get pounding heart, migraines, nausea, paranoia, tense muscles, and just aches. However you don’t see that. I have tried to avoid places and people that will cause this. It’s not much of a life.

I will say this good for you (the group of people) who work everyday and earn your own money. Please keep working for your happiness and your dreams.
I give a special thanks to those who work, but go out of their way to help and understand those who can’t.
However for those who can’t, I hope you find someone who can rely on and do something that you love. (I’m sorry you have to deal with people like the woman in the video.)

And for those bad apples that are making look bad for those who can’t and are barely surviving. Then I have news for you. . . Karma will find you. (You know who you are . . . those who live in government housing, lie about about injuries to get SSD, use a different address for food stamps, while your drug money is paying off your brand new car so can impress your new baby mamas.)

Bottom line: We all need to play with the cards we are dealt in live. Those who cheat will be caught sooner or later. Can we at this keep this poker game we call life civil?



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