Being A Food Addict

I completely understand.

Sunshine Diaries: Underneath


“Freedom lies in being bold” -Robert Frost

I love food. I love the way it tastes, I love the way it smells and I love the way it comforts me when I am feeling at my lowest. I never really thought I had a food addiction growing up, I always just thought I REALLY LOVED food and I am good at eating it so why not eat. Slowly over the years it began to become a habit. I used food as a revenge method for when people did me wrong in my life. I used it as a comfort when I felt alone and left behind by friends or hurt by those I loved. I used it as a reward for achieving something amazing or accomplishing something in my life. It had become a best friend, almost as if it was a part of my everyday surroundings as well as…

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Confession #19

I am addicted soda-pop. and flavored coffees. Most people from Ohio call it pop, but I have always called it soda-pop.

The Soda-pop I like. . .

  1. Pepsi (Bubba Save-A-Lot’s version of Pepsi.)
  2. Dr. Pepper
  3. Mountain Dew
  4. Cherry Pepsi
  5. Cherry Coke
  6. Barq’s Root Beer
  7. Sunkist
  8. A&W Rootbeer
  9. 7 Up
  10. Cherry Pop


Coffees I like

  1. Mocha
  2. Mocha Carmel
  3. Express with chocolate flavoring
  4. French Vanilla
  5. Italian Coffees


Confession #18


There is an ultimate fast food meal. I have always wanted to try. 

Big Mac from Mc Donalds.

Seasoned Fries from Rallys.

Chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s

Pepsi Slushy from Sheets.


Confession #17

I love Chocolate. 

  1. Any kind of Chocolate ice cream.
  2. Dark Forest Cake (Chocolate fudge and cherries)
  3. Chocolate milk
  4. Hot Chocolate
  5. Mocha

And the list could go on. . .

I usually will not past chocolate up. And if I do pass it up, those around me know I am not feeling well.

Chocolate helps my anxiety and depression sometimes.


Confession 16

I love flour Tortillas. (Not corn, not the brown wheat). . . I like the chewy, white flour tortillas.

I make soft tacos, wraps, and, even today, I made quesadillas with them.

I would substitute tortillas for store bread any day of the week.


A poem: Impatience



Rebekah Quinn © 2016


I never

Felt in

Such away

Like I

Do now.

I think

Of you

All of

The time:

In the

Early morning

And late

In the

Deep night.

I wish

We were

Together now

As I

Want to

Kiss you

Hold you

Hug you

And never

Let you

Ever go.

I pray

To the

Many gods

And fates . . .

I wish

On many

Shiny pennies

And stars

For us

To be

Closer, together.

But why

Such a

Long wait?

Why must

We go

Through this?

I know

A time

Will come

And we

Will be

Together soon.

But when?


Confession #15

My head makes every problem seem bigger than it is. 


What happens when I do this. . . 

  • Problems seem impossible to solve.
  • People seem like I do not deserve them or that they can’t handle me.
  • I just get overwhelmed.


  • I get a nosebleed, I think I have some crazy disease. I research it like crazy.
  • I heard someone yelling, I instantly think it’s my fault, even when I did nothing wrong.
  • I did something wrong by accident, but I instantly think it’s the end of the world or I am going to get kicked out.

I feel I am always on my toes. 


Why does it to that?

  • Maybe it’s because my vivid imagination works over time.
  • Maybe it’s because I want an excuse to freak out.
  • Maybe I am just too stressed already between my anxiety and depression.