A Warning to be friends with me

I want you to know I will not add you if I do not know you. And a 5 minute conversation is not away for me to get to know you. . .


The reason I was interested in EP was to chat with people, make some friends with similar interests as me, and post my blogs.


I want people to know I may be on this a couple times a day (and a lot at night) right now, but next mouth in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). . . I am a writer and every November I challenge myself to write 50,000 or more in 30 days. It’s fun to me, and everyone is really nice. However if we writing back and forth, I will try to reply as soon as I can from when you wrote to me.


I am not not trying to start drama. . . However may people have taken a few things I’ve written in the wrong way. . . I am writer: I try to make things sound good, like a taking a shower. . . I like writing about experience for writing exercises. It’s like when someone sings, they need to warm up, and I use the experiences as prompts to warm up on my daily writing. (To make a really long blog,short, I try to write on here creative descriptive, but people are just making it sound dirtier than it really is. . .)


For those who are just trying to meet those in the USA for marriage, I am not looking.


Normally, I would start this with “I’m sorry.” However I am slow learning that hormonal issues like going from a nice, generous lady to a crazed, frustrated witch cannot be controlled. I am not sorry if I tell someone for the third time I’m not interested in cams or dirty talk, and then I snap. (Please do not start a conversation with the dirty stuff, that is a privilege with me and needs to be earned. I do not have a cam, and I do not have dirty pictures, please do not ask.)


I will add you on my own accord. I will not add simply so you can see my pictures, which most are friend only. However they are all innocent. . . rated g.


If you read this and you have similar interests: writing, cooking, reading, vampires (not Twilight), movies, music, baking, painting, art, video games, RPG, DnD, etc Then please message me if you would like to chat.