Days 29 to 31

Day 29: What do you think of your teeth and your smile? Do you like them and if so, why? If not, how can you view them more positively?

I used to love my teeth. When I was young I had them capped due to issues I had when I slept, but the caps started to chip a few years back. I need to get them done again, but my dentist is pushing every procedure but it.Sigh.

I used to sing and I used to have a big toothy smile, but now not so much.

My face is the first thing people usually noticed about me and yes i do have teeth problems, but majority are in the back of my mouth. I’m very apprehensive about the whole thing. I hate pain, and many times my teeth hurt

Day 30 Validation is important to our self-esteem. Do others encourage you? If not, what are some ways that you can ask them to so your self-esteem.

My family does help and those who read my writing and blog. . That comment really help my self esteem. It feels like a confirmation that I’m meant to be writing. (Esspecially when I have those who thinks it’s unstable and I’m wasting time writing too much.)

I give myself goals and rewards for myself.

Day 31. Rate your self-esteem on a scale of 1-10?

It was -5 on my lowest day, but currently I’m at 7.

Has your self-esteem improved?

I have learned about myself. I’ve also learned that I am valuable. My sleep issues make my depression and anxiety feel bigger than they are.


Day 23: Hopeful Outcome

Day 23: What is your ideal outcome of this challenge?

1. To learn more about myself.

2. Look at the world more positively.

3. Maybe to spark my creative inspiration for writing (90% of my life evolves around writing, for those who don’t I’m a struggling writer first and everything else second. . . is my writing blog.)

Thank you for likes

I was worried that I wasn’t being read.

Still I kept posting, because I need the release. I’ve been tired and kind of discouraged.

I’m glad there are those who read and liked my blogs.

Please enjoy the past pieces and the future one.

Yesterday was my best so far on WordPress with this page.

Thank you to my fellow readers.

Days 19 to 22

I’m sorry, but due time issues and sleep problems I’ve put the last four days together.

Day 19: Do you have an activity that makes you feel alive and good within yourself?

1. Writing

2. Playing with Cats

3. Cooking

4 playing games: SIM or jeopardy

5. Music

Day 20: Has your self-esteem improved with doing this challenge? If so, how?

I learned I’m stronger than I thought. I can find the good in me if I just tried a bit more.

I would answer more, but I’ve been fighting sleep issues

Day 21: Name at least 5 things that you are good at.

1. Writing

2. Cooking

3. Shopping

4. Singing

5. Managing. . . Schedules, planning , to-do lists

Day 22: Which of your skills or abilities do you pride yourself on?

I am proud of this skills

My writing

My baking

My cat care

My cooking

My scheduling and list making skills

Day 17: Calming Down

Day 17: What do you do to feel calmer when you’re stressed?

Things I do to calm down

1. Talk a walk

2. Listen to music

3. Blog or diary about it

4. Post on 7 cups

5. Get a listener on 7 cups

6. Pet a cat

7. Take a bath

8. Get a massage

9. Bake or cook

10. Watch you tube

Day 15: Outer Image

Day 15: Do you like your personal appearance? If so, why? If not, what are some ways you could view yourself differently?

My body has always been an up and down issue with me. I’ve always been a larger, curvy girl. My legs are 90% muscle, (cannot be pinched) because of the sports I was in and even now I walk whenever I can. My behind or stomach are my problem areas when they are the last to get slimmer, sigh.

I’m not into dressing up, make up or heel. I’m into comfort: jeans and tee shirts. (It’s hard for me to any skirt, blouse or dress that I like or feel good in. My weight with heels, ah, no, no no.)

As for my face, I’ve always had a youthful, cute face. I love my high cheek bones, bottom of the lake blue eyes, and a nice smile. (I get comments on my eyes.) My hair is fine but greasy , I have dyed it in all colors but green, and I usually gave it in a pony tail. (The back of my neck gets hot fast.) My teeth need extra care, but over I’m not bad.

It just depends on my mood in how I see myself, on a good day I see myself as 7 (minus health issues.) On a bad day . . . a -2.

I am hard on myself, and I am my worst enemy. (I’ve gotten more compliments than insults on my personal ads, and yet the insult seem to sting longer.)

Day 13: Confidence

Day 13: Share about the last time you felt confident in yourself. Why did you feel that confident?

I’m normally I’m confident in my blogs, stories and novels. I know I’m writer.

However when it comes to people, I can be very insecure. The last time I was truly confident, I was with my ex, Tom. He accepted me for who I am,(was) and he trusted me enough to control our money, errands, most dates, menu, shopping, chores, and such. (I love to plan.) I felt like I could do anything with him. I got sick, things got complicated, and he cheated on me. He did not shatter my heart, but he busted my confidence. I have not found anyone else in which I felt secure and confident.

I hope I find a new person in my life that helps me with my confidence. (I truly hope I can let someone in to let them help me with my confidence.)