5 minute rant: Black Friday

Today I was in the mall and Walmart. . . normally no big deal but it was Black Friday.

They were not as crowded as I thought they would be.

I always thought it was like war and crazy people fighting each other for the last whatever was on sale. Maybe the movies make too much of the craziness. I never went shopping on Black Friday, because I thought the crowds would be crazy, the lines be long, and there would have been more violence. I didn’t want to get into a fight just because you save 40% on an item.

It was not like that at all, people were helpful, no fights, and lines were shorter than I thought. I did get a few gifts bought which was nice.

I even got to hang out with an old friend who is family and his beautiful fiancee and we also got china buffet.  Sushi! Yum.


Break down

I don’t know what to do.

I do not feel like I am being heard unless I do something wrong.

I know I slept in. I forgot to set my alarm.

I didn’t feed the dog on time. I am a bad person.

I’m ungrateful.

I feel so alone. No one gets me.

I feel like I am getting punished for getting into politics.

I am guilty.

I am lazy.

I feel helpless.

I feel worthless.

I am empty.

I write too much.

I am always wrong.

What is wrong with me?

Who cares.