April is going to busy

I know at four doctors I need to schedule in. . . Maybe four if I need a specialist for my hands. ( They keep swelling, and my joints hurt. It hurts sometimes to hold a pen or fork.)

I’m doing camp Nano but I’m only giving myself a word count of 30,000 for my main goal. It’s only 1k per day. I thinkmi can type that. I did 35,000 both last August and November. I how to write a book of short stories. I talk more about it in my writers blog. . . Rebekah Quinne

I also hope to walk at least three times a week. I want to get in better shape and get more energy. I’m hoping to sleep better from it and get more focus.

The thing is I’m doing this for me. I’ve learned that I need to focus on myself and heal myself before I can help others.


My Short Stories

I’m writing Short Stories.

I put my feelings in each one. These are flash fiction but very personal. In the last few year my heart and soul shattered, each of these pieces are my a piece of shattered heart and soul.

I hope to find myself and piece myself together.

I’m posting them on my Short Story blog. . .

Rebekah Quinne Short Stories

Who I really am. 

  • ​I am a writer.

I know I have said this before, but I can make a seven course meal, clean the entire house, be on 4 hours of sleep, pay all of the bills, go shopping, and if I do not write something, I feel my day is unproductive. 

I know a good meal, nice, and a clean place, feels good, but without writing, I just do not feel accomplished anything at all. (Http://rebekahquinne.wordpress.com)

  • I am a foodie.

I love food. (Yes, I am a bigger lady, and I am watching my weight for health. However I will not deny a new or fun food experience. )

 I enjoy making food, cooking, baking, and going out. (When I got out, I usually try to order something, I usually I will not make at home.)

  • I am always learning.

I’m always researching for my writing. I’ve learned from life experience as well. 

I enjoy reading and finding out more about all kinds of things.

  • I am a bear. (Or a bulldog whatever is cuter.)

I am a very determined person. The loyal person. The type of person who would do whatever I had to.

 I may be sweet or cranky doing it, it depends on how people treat me. 

November all for me. 

I am not a selfish person, but next month is all about me. I am working on my writing and hopefully myself. 

My goal is in 2018 to move forward and away from my past.

I have two projects. . .  (Each project is 50,000 in 30 days)

  1. Finishing the The Broken Path 50,000 plus. 
  2. Working on the ghost stories for the Broken Path.

    I hope to figure myself out and do something for me, write. 


    I’m in pieces right now. 

    My soul is holding the broken, bloody pieces of my heart.
    I’ve been trying to clean and put each piece back together,
    but it has been a process.

    I feel empty and alone
    A shell of what I used to be
    Maybe it’s good
    Maybe I need to clean it out
    To make room for new.

    I mustfight through
    Clean out
    Smile and. . .
    Move on.

    Take the pieces of me
    And make someone new. 
    (c) Rebekah Quinne 2017

    Guilty Pleasure: 50 Shades

    I just saw the movie and read all three books . . . I’m reading book 4 Grey by EL James. I need to see the second movie. . . DaMn. Christian Grey. . .

    It has opened me up creative wise. . . yay!

    What I want for 2017

    Personal Goals for 2017

    1. I want to walk more. (At least three walks a week or several rounds on the stairs.)
    2. I want to lose weight. (80 pounds. . . ultimate goal.)
    3. I want to be more active.
    4. I want to stretch more. (No charlie horses.)
    5. I want to learn some basic yoga and be more physically flexible.
    6. I want my tight clothes to be looser.
    7. I want to lower my diabetes numbers.
    8. I want to try more recipes.
    9. I want to control my binge eating. I want to eat smaller sizes.
    10. I want to eat better.
    11. I want to get into the habit of three meals a day.
    12. I want to paint more.
    13. I want to read more.
    14. I want to save a little money.
    15. I want to meet my “wolfie.” He knows who he is.
    16. I want to deal, maybe even cure my anxiety and depression.
    17. I want to mediate more and be able to always access my happy place.
    18. I want to finish some of the projects I have started.
    19. I want to start some new projects.
    20. I want to help my ex get stronger and heal.