Stuck in bed

My anemia had me barely opening my eyes all day. I slept, had weird dreams and then slept again. . . why are my blood issues playing tricks with my mind?

I couldn’t focus, but I’m okay on my word count. So I didn’t write much today, but my muses have been really motivated.

I was impressed my neighbor noticed that I was down. Maybe I’m not invisible. Sighs.


Published by

Rebekah Quinne

I’m Rebekah Quinne and I have finally organized a page. I’m from Lorain, Ohio and I have been writing since junior high. I have been writing for about 20 years. I do believe I have had enough experience to create some well-rounded characters. I believe you can write well if you write about what you know and what you are truly passionate about. I believe I am story teller first and a writer second. The genres I work with the most are paranormal/occult, horror, thriller, romance, and drama. I love ghosts, urban legends, and of course vampires. I also love to cook. My brother and neighbor cook with me.

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