Confession #4

I think I am currently in love with someone who is 2000 miles away.
I do not know if we will every meet and it sucks.
I have tried to talk to other guys, but none of them have the connection we do.
My family is not to keen on him, because he hasn’t been completely honest. I hope he has learned his lesson after pissing me off. I really do not want a catfish.
HOWEVER I keep getting drawn to him.  I don’t see celebrities in my daydreams anymore . . . just me and him. I see us together cooking, cleaning, cuddling and watching movies. . . that is all I am saying on here.

Maybe spiritual I’m supposed to do something. I feel this connection is beyond our controls. The fates see the bigger picture. . . something keeps pulling me to him.

My problem is I am growing very impatient with the distance between us. I hate the distance.

He isn’t physically want I want in my unicorn. He is sweet and I am drawn to him. . . I’m confused. Why? (Why are the fates drawing me to someone 2,000 miles away?)


Published by

Rebekah Quinne

I’m Rebekah Quinne and I have finally organized a page. I’m from Lorain, Ohio and I have been writing since junior high. I have been writing for about 20 years. I do believe I have had enough experience to create some well-rounded characters. I believe you can write well if you write about what you know and what you are truly passionate about. I believe I am story teller first and a writer second. The genres I work with the most are paranormal/occult, horror, thriller, romance, and drama. I love ghosts, urban legends, and of course vampires.

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