Who do I want for me?

I thought I just had another epiphany . . . and I had a dream in which I had a long line of men different sizes but all had blonde hair and blue eyes. They all seem had a reason to reject me: too short, too perky, too fat, lazy, too clingy, I’m not currently working, I’m into art,  I’m tolerant certain political issues, I’m not smart enough, or I’m a writer, etc. None of them wanted me, and worst of all, it was the ones I thought were the cutest that were the meanest.

I know I had crushes on looks, but most of the guys I’ve date never look like my crushes. Maybe it’s good. Maybe looks aren’t everything . . . what are the chances I would actually find my unicorn?

Maybe I just need to find someone who is seriously into me, all of me . . . would that be enough?

I think this dream just made me more confused.


Published by

Rebekah Quinne

I’m Rebekah Quinne and I have finally organized a page. I’m from Lorain, Ohio and I have been writing since junior high. I have been writing for about 20 years. I do believe I have had enough experience to create some well-rounded characters. I believe you can write well if you write about what you know and what you are truly passionate about. I believe I am story teller first and a writer second. The genres I work with the most are paranormal/occult, horror, thriller, romance, and drama. I love ghosts, urban legends, and of course vampires.

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